Why it’s so important to send our child to camp

Why it’s so important to send our child to camp

With the years we made our own experience like parents and we understood that there are a lot reasons to send our children to camp. Opportunity like this deprive the benefits of our civilization in the kid’s life – for example there are no phones, no internet connection, neither running water nor electricity. Contemporary kids don’t suffer under lack of material things, they aren’t happy for a piece of chocolate any more. Often children nowadays are too satisfied.

On the camp life is absolutely different. Kids are really very enterprising, they find different strategies to deal with. They learn how to appreciate little things like some simple game with new friends. They learn how to appreciate the fire after the rain, the sun after the rain, the bath in the lake. They start love and respect nature. The begin feel responsible for the nature’s future. On the camp kids develop a lot of hard skills – to make a fire, to tie knots and make a shelter, find new friends.

We hope that the kids will not forget the lessons of the mountain. One day they will be grown-ups, who can survive with little things. We will be part of the way to… We hope so…

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