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When we created ``Nomadia`` 18 years ago, we put friendship as its foundation. For us, it is not just a firm or a company, but a space filled with friends. We have always had one thing that connected us the most, namely the mountain. And we always wanted to convey to our groups our attitude towards it, our views, our values. Experiences and memories to make you smile.
5 years ago we became franchise partners of the Institute of Experiential Pedagogy in Kassel/Germany. Thus learning by experience became part of our path. Our mission is to ignite in those around us the fire of adventure, discovery, experience, challenge and sharing. The direction we walk, our vision is that we follow, discover and experience freedom along the journey and become friends. The most important values for us are freedom and responsibility, physical and emotional security, trust and respect, tolerance, a sense of humor and friendship, always leaving with our every action devoted and concerned about nature.


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