Plastic world

Plastic world

There’s no other way… We have to start with a quote from Greenpeace Bulgaria, in which the main problem is stated- ”In that stage of our modern life we touch plastic more often than we touch our friends and family.”

We touch plastic, we wear plastic, we eat products, made in a plastic world, so basically we eat plastic. Our life seems like a disposable product, in which nothing lasts, everything is immediately thrown away after usage, everything can be replaced or bought again. Occasionally we feel a little bit guilty, because maybe we produce and consume too much. But then we suppress that guilt, because we recycle and that’s all normal people can do, it’s not up to us, we are nothing compared to the whole world of plastic, right? Well…actually that’s not right.

As time passed we got convinced that the change should start immediately. It’s time for everyone to take action. In their job, or at their homes. That’s why we, the people in Nomadia, decided to be part of that change, to replace the comfort with something not that convenient, to change the situation, ourselves and the little participants in our programs. What action did we take exactly? We stopped using plastic in our picnic and outdoor cooking programs and we replaced the convenient single-use plastic products with reusable utensils. We know that’s a small step, but still… We made programs with ecological theme, in which children can clearly see the problems of the consumerism and the plastic in our general. We believe this is the way for the small children to understand that they are a big and very important part of the world, because they are the future, after all. When we show them these problems, we give them their chance to save the world.

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