Some ideas for outdoor activities in autumn

Some ideas for outdoor activities in autumn

Autumn has come, but unfortunately, the pandemic is growing and now we are asking ourselves once again where we can take our children, so we can spend some quality time outdoors. Since we mustn’t see many other people, all we can do is rely on our own ideas and imagination. About that we want to give you a few ideas for games that you can play with your child, which can give you a precious autumn memory. Meanwhile you will be out in the nature with your loved ones.

Little boats, made of walnut shells You need walnut shells, styrofoam, toothpicks, paper and scissors. Stuff a little piece of styrofoam in the shell and stick the toothpick in it. A piece of paper can be the sail. You can also make a competition in a bowl of water.

Hiding place in the fallen leaves Make a big pile of leaves. Everyone has to turn around while somebody hides an object in the pile. Let the searching begin!

Catching raindrops You need yogurt containers and clothes for rainy days. Go outside and collect as much raindrops as possible. After that you can check with a ruler who has more water in the cup.
Rain paintings Make a big stain of paint on a sheet of paper, using a few colors. Then leave the sheet outside in the rain for a while. When the paper dries, you can check it and see what shapes you can find.

Measuring puddles Put on your rubber boots and check which puddle is the deepest. You’re going to need a ruler to measure them.

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