28 March, 2024


This is a camp where your child will forget about the smartphone and the internet for a while. Kids will learn hard skills about how to stay in a tent in nature. The tents, the mountain and the water will be the place for new knowledge, new friendships and lots of fun.


Batak lake


Summer 2024


30.06-06.07.2024 first shift and 07.-13.07.2024 second shift


Personal transport


4 meals per day

Overnight stay:

Ecocamping Batak - sleeping in tents


690лв. (instructors, accommodation, food, tents, equipment)


Outdoor educators ans lifeguard

Meeting point:

30.06.2024 - 14.00 and 07.07.2024 14.00 at Ecocamping Batak




Day 1. When all participants arrive and settle in, we begin the program. We will get to know each other through games. Then we will talk about the most important safety measures in the camp, about how we will wash, where and how we will shower, what are the rules in eco camping. We will talk about our expectations, the expectations of all the whole group. We will arrange and write the rules of our camp. And then we’ll go get wood to set our first campfire and make dinner!


Day 2. This day begins with our water activities. And to keep things running smoothly, we’ll talk about water safety and water rescue basics. Then we will practice rowing. And in the afternoon we will shoot a bow to exercise our degree of concentration.


Day 3. We will devote part of this day to orientation. We will learn how to navigate with a map, with a compass, by natural objects. The important thing is to know that we will not put our “favorite” phones in the basics of orientation! In the afternoon we will talk about the fire, about the rules for lighting and extinguishing it. Then we’ll have group fire challenges.


Day 4.  We will dedicate this day to cooking. We will prepare our breakfast, our lunch and our dinner. In the morning we will take a short walk to see what edible plants there are in the area. We’re sure we’ll find at least one – nettles are everywhere! We will talk about the herbs that grow in the area. Then we will cook. For this purpose, we have prepared a whole series of delicious forest specialties – soft meats, lentils on fire, forest bread, pizza and dessert. Without unnecessary bragging, we can assure you that the success of this day is guaranteed!


Day 5. We will devote this day to knots and sailing. Our instructors will teach us some basic knots that are used. After that, we will “dive” into a water expedition.


Day 6. On day 6 we will make a trek in the area. We will have a picnic for lunch. When we get back to camp, we will reflect, talk about what we have learned and discovered.


Day 7. Our scavenger party begins. We’ll pack up camp and head back to civilization.

  • Children up 7 years
  • Youths



A warm sleeping bag

Camping mat

A blanket

A pillow


Jug, plate, fork, spoon

A chair

Rubber boots!!!

Outer waterproof jacket

Down vest or other warm outerwear

Winter hat and gloves

Towels; swimwear; sun hat; UV cream

6 pcs. socks (have warm woolen socks too)


Crocs or sandals

Fleece/sweatshirt/sweater – 3 pcs.

Pants (type of tracksuit or fleece bottom) – 6 pcs.

Waterproof trousers

Shorts – 3 pcs.

T-shirts – 7 pcs.

Underwear – 7 pcs.


Informational health card (informal) – text about the general state of health of the child, allergies, any particularities that the team should be informed about.

Често задавани въпроси

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


Where do the children spend the night?


The children sleep in two, three, four-person tents provided by Nomadia. Our instructors also sleep in tents near the children’s tents.


Where do the children eat?


Every day, children have four meals – breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. Every day they must have fruit, salad, soup on the menu. We source and order food from a nearby restaurant. Some of the food is prepared by the children themselves over a fire under the supervision of adults.


Where do they bathe?


The answer to this question is our favorite – in the dam and in the bathrooms of the eco-camping. When bathing in the dam, the children are accompanied by our water lifeguard. On days when the weather is not warm enough, they do not bathe.


Do they need pocket money?


Children need a maximum of BGN 30. pocket money as they are provided with four meals a day. Better not to carry valuables and phones because they can get lost or get wet.


How about the contact with the parents?


Parents are contacted via the instructors’ phones once a day around dinner time 6-8pm.


What happens if the child gets sick during the camp?


If your child gets sick, we will call you first. As there are no facilities to look after a sick child, we will expect you to collect your child as soon as possible.


Is there a medical person?


There is no medical person in the team. Our instructors are first aid trained. In such circumstances, we call the parents and, with their consent, we take the child for examination in the city of Batak.


How do we register our child for camp?


Write us an email at office@nomadia.bg or call us at 0896 834018. When registering, we conclude a contract and parents pay a 30% deposit.

Застраховка и лиценз




To register your child at our camp, you must send us an email with your name and phone number, as well as the name and age of the child at office@nomadia.bg or call us at 0896834018.


When registering, we conclude a contract and a deposit of 30% of the amount must be paid.


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