The City Bound Experience

The City Bound Experience

In his book “1984” George Orwell says the following about the Thought Police: “You will have to get used to living without results and without hope… Our only true life is in the future.”

This citation is the one side of the problem. The other side is the new knowledge that you will have after the City Bound Experience – with a lot of hope and results from a different kind.

For me The City Bound Challenge was an exceptional experience. It is oriented in 4 levels of the knowledge:

– Our environment – the orientation in the city, the contact with challenging situations

– Our society – awareness of different social classes, awareness of the problems of the city, awareness of wealth and poverty, of work and reflection etc, etc…
– Individuality – facing personal borders, expanding them; facing new avoiding strategies in problem solving. The avoiding strategies that stop us and that make difficult our life, the way of thinking – this is not for me, this is impossible, this is no sense, this is stupid…
– Meta skills – how our hard and soft skills could help us; reflection of different kind of behavior and our own behavior

After this challenge, after the whole experience nothing is the same. For me it was like a social challenge, which helped us to be aware of the city, its citizens and problems. Out of the comfort zone we could face our own prejudices, out of our own borders, we could change the status quo in our own heads.

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